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Month: May 2016

Be Grateful ?>

Be Grateful

Is it just me or is life filled with people looking for the next thing that is ‘guaranteed’ to make them happy. Does anyone ever relish in simple things anymore? Are we all so caught up searching for the next thing that we think we need, that we forget all the things that we already have?   I am grateful for being a simple person.  I do not make demands about what I should have in life in order to…

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Tidying up even mensa members would struggle with ?>

Tidying up even mensa members would struggle with

As a homeschooling mum of 2 small children, tidying up is an activity that is constantly on my agenda. This is something that can always be relied upon,  a fail-safe activity that I will always be participating in.   Some of the sights that I see would bring tears to a grown man’s eyes and  generate a deep level of despair from within if you let it. I was met today with one of my most challenging messes to date….

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Other people’s perception on homeschooling ?>

Other people’s perception on homeschooling

We  decided to home educate our son whilst still in the womb, it was finalised then and it is something that we have never faltered on or thought are we making the right decision when we make our mind up to do something, we do it, that is who we are.   Nearly 7 years on and a homeschooling mum of 2 it still amazes me the public perception on this.  It is difficult for others to see or understand…

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Imperfection Rules! ?>

Imperfection Rules!

Before I had children I was a perfectionist, hands down I admit it. I was constantly seeking it in every area of my life. It definitely dictated and defined who I was. Having the cleanest house, the perfectly compiled outfit and accessories, everything I touched had to be executed with precision. It caused me to have many barriers which were constantly erected, I could not have afforded breaches. I was only able to see people when I was at my…

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