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Month: June 2016

Getting back on the positive train ?>

Getting back on the positive train

It has been one of those weeks where life has taken over everything. Sometimes you need to prioritise things in your life, put them in order of relevance and unfortunately what you WANT to do does not take precedence, you must focus on what you need to do first and foremost. I have been feeling myself slipping into negative patterns again in my life, negative thoughts, negative food, negative behaviours, luckily I managed to recognise this and very gently have…

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The Sadness of Father’s Day ?>

The Sadness of Father’s Day

I wonder if anyone else felt a wave of melancholy brought on by Father’s day? Is it just me that suffers in silence on this commercially inflicted day. I tried to share in the joy felt by my children making my husband breakfast in bed, putting flowers in vases and placing a teabag in a special mug, clutching an envelope to their chest festooned with childhood scrawls and funny hearts. I have never seen them so eager to wake up…

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Meeting my own expectations ?>

Meeting my own expectations

I read something on twitter this week that said ‘I stopped living up to everyone else’s expectation of me and started to live up to my own’. My first thought was how inspirational but then on reflection, I surmised that it did not apply to me as my own expectation of myself is much higher than that of others around me. My own expectation is the one I feel burdened by, the one that I am constantly trying to reign…

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A confused mum trying to fathom the EU referendum ?>

A confused mum trying to fathom the EU referendum

The EU referendum is now over a week away and I have been feeling extremely apprehensive of the outcome.  Does it mean our country will be in great decline if we come out, will we spontaneously combust unable to stand if not propped up by Europe? It is all so very confusing. I don’t know which parts to pay attention to and which to mark as spam. What is relevant to me? Who do I trust if any? I am…

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Can we miss what we never had… ?>

Can we miss what we never had…

I was on bedroom story duties this week which is always an enjoyable part of the day for me and no not because it is the bedtime indicator! I find through the day my mind is constantly working at a million miles an hour percolating what my next job will be and this can be literally exhausting. Story time is the one time I sit down and focus on what I am doing and just read, be there and not…

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Motherhood and anxiety, an inevitable pairing ?>

Motherhood and anxiety, an inevitable pairing

We are born to this world struggling for breath and our fight for life and survival begins at that very moment. Life is an ongoing, ever evolving battle that we would assume to get better at the older that we become. I know for me that is simply not the case. I have found it harder the older I get and the more responsibility that has been thrust upon me. I read this week that women under 35 are twice…

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My First Board Gaming Convention ?>

My First Board Gaming Convention

So I had a really exciting weekend as I attended my first board gaming convention. Well, how was it? I was very apprehensive before, not knowing what to expect and how I would feel being there. As an anxiety sufferer, the thought of being trapped somewhere with literally thousands of people is not something that I would relish the thought of, in fact, I am not sure that I could be persuaded to be in that situation for anything apart…

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The Healing Power of Music ?>

The Healing Power of Music

I love listening to music, it always amazes me the effect a song can have on your day. An uplifting one can revert your memory back to good times, a time when you felt free and reckless. A power ballad can give you the strength to keep going when your day is destined to be filled with endless tasks. A sad song can make you melancholic or remind you of loved ones lost or reaffirm the love you have in…

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What Our Children Need ?>

What Our Children Need

Do we ever really know what our children need? This is a question I am sure we all ponder over. I certainly questioned whether or not I would even have children, the responsibility seemed stifling and I had a deep-rooted fear of failure. I did not take this role on lightly. I wondered if my life CV had the correct requirement. I had bigger issues to consider when making this life-changing decision, you see my parents were pretty rubbish at…

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Why my garden has changed my life ?>

Why my garden has changed my life

We used to live in a two storey apartment in the heart of a busy market town before we moved to a house in the country last year.  It was like living on the periphery of the universe, you were only able to be an observer from afar. I loved that apartment with all my heart. We had lived there for 10 years. Both our children were born and raised there, all those wonderful memories cemented together.  The nurseries we had…

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