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Month: July 2016

Sugar Coated Words ?>

Sugar Coated Words

I received a text message from an old friend I had not spoken to in a while asking how I was. How do you respond to this? Are you going, to tell the truth, or tell a more fictional sense of your reality. I am fine, everything is great, the house is wonderful, the kids are growing up, this was what I was compelled to reply, this, of course, was the sugar-coated version of the truth. The response I got…

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My Writing Inspiration ?>

My Writing Inspiration

I thought at the beginning of my blogging journey it would give me an opportunity to write about why I am here, why write a blog? From an early age, I loved writing.  I came from a nontechnological generation, computers were not something that came till my teens. I had a beautiful red typewriter that I would spend hours making up stories and would patiently type them up, blotting my copy book with tippex. I had a passion for reading…

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No one owes you anything ?>

No one owes you anything

One of the most prolific things I have ever read was written by Harry Browne an American politician published in a newspaper in 1966, it was a letter to his young daughter titled ‘A gift for my daughter’ Browne had written it to give to his daughter as a Christmas gift instead of the usual toys and games that would have been normally chosen. This was probably the most valuable gift she ever received. Advice as life changing as this…

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