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Month: August 2016

Keeping up Appearances ?>

Keeping up Appearances

It is fair to say I was brought up in a household where appearances mattered. I am not talking so much about physical appearances but more of the mental variety. You went out in your smart clothes and faced the world, no matter the circumstances you were in. There was no room for emotions, you got on with life and carried on regardless.  Empathy, compassion, anger, sadness, fear, whatever the tag, we were taught not to show it.  You should…

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Accepting or Rejecting Relationships ?>

Accepting or Rejecting Relationships

I recently wrote a blog post about how aggrieved I felt at growing up without a mother. I thought I would take the opportunity to expand upon this and write about accepting the relationships that we have with others, especially those with our family members. This can prove to be an impossible task especially if you are unable to accept personality and behavioural traits that you deem to be undesirable and that are not compatible with your own beliefs. You…

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