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Month: September 2016

My Faithful Friend ?>

My Faithful Friend

It is fair to say I have been let down by people throughout my life and that is still something that occurs, someone significant in my life has let me down massively this year and it still pains me every day. At times, the past 7 years have been painfully lonely, especially when dealing with some of the issues I have faced within that time frame, giving up my job and stumbling my way through early motherhood, losing all the…

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Getting yourself out there ?>

Getting yourself out there

I am a self-confessed introvert favouring the company of people I know usually my family and a few select friends. This has intensified since I gave up work and I had gotten out of the habit of interacting with people I do not really know. I realised recently how isolated I had truly become especially in the last few years. My anxiety and some of the trauma I have suffered in my life has made it difficult for me to…

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Just Making Do ?>

Just Making Do

Before I had my children my appearance mattered a great deal to me, not to say that afterwards I just stopped caring but I was no longer defined by it and though still on my to do list I had bigger issues to deal with which left less time for me to fret about what I look like. I had resigned myself to the fact that after 2 pregnancies in 2 years my body would never look the way it…

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