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Month: January 2017

Aboard the grief train ?>

Aboard the grief train

Grief is like a moving train that yields no time to stop, it hurtles through constantly crashing and shattering itself into pieces, pieces that can never be repaired as many get lost along the way. How do we cope with grief? The answer is somehow we do, we get by, we survive. Most things in life present us with options, death is so final we run out of options, there is no solution, no remedy, no ease of suffering. Grief…

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On the road again ?>

On the road again

When anxiety plagues your life you find yourself in a constant fight or flight battle, this not only affects your body and mind but also your life philosophy and future plans. You are torn between being so afraid of change, which makes you cling to anything familiar, yet you have that unrelenting need to keep moving in case the enemy ie yourself catches up with you. This can prove difficult in moving your life forward as you are either trapped…

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