My Faithful Friend

It is fair to say I have been let down by people throughout my life and that is still something that occurs, someone significant in my life has let me down massively this year and it still pains me every day. At times, the past 7 years have been painfully lonely, especially when dealing with some of the issues I have faced within that time frame, giving up my job and stumbling my way through early motherhood, losing all the continuity I had ever known and the regrowth of the person I have evolved to be. There is one person who has been there for every night feed I struggled to keep my eyes open for, every tear I have shed, every defining moment in my children’s life, first smiles, hopes, achievements and failures. She was the first one to welcome our son when we brought him home from the hospital, that someone is my cat, Bumbles.

She is at the forefront of our family, always there when we need her and often when we don’t, she never fails to be at our sides.  She is consistent, loves us unconditionally and is the feline friend anyone could ever hope for. She has been in our family since she was 7 weeks old, we got her and her sister on our 1st wedding anniversary, giddy with excitement in expanding our family we travelled across the country to bring these two little black and white kittens into our homes and hearts and they have stayed there ever since, that was 11 and a half years ago and we have never looked back.

Bumbles has been very sick recently, she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and we have watched her disintegrate before our very eyes. Not a week passes by that we have not been at the vets trying to sort out some new side effect created by the medication that she needs to keep her alive, it is not curing her condition merely masking it and it has barely been doing that. Not once has Bumbles lost her spirit, her body is fighting against her yet she continues to battle, she is a fighter just like we all are in our family, we never give up and we will never give up on her.

There is a pioneering treatment for her condition which would cure it but it is very expensive and it involves quite a long period in isolation. It is non invasive so involves minimal risk. There is a huge waiting list for this treatment and there are only about 3 clinics in the UK that provide this  option. We were lucky enough to have been offered a cancellation appointment to have this treatment done next week. We travelled again across country to take Bumbles this week just like we did to collect her all those years ago, she has had her assessments done and is eligible for this treatment. We will now not have her home until November 10th, our hearts are feeling empty and we are all mourning her loss even her sister who only manages to just about tolerate her when she is here! It has hit home what a massive part of our lives she is and how just her little face manages to brighten up the darkest day. She is in the right place as she is so sick and she needs to have this treatment, there is no other option but that does not make it any easier, her place is beside us, nowhere else but here..

We have got through the first step in her journey, we await the next with baited breath, each day feels longer than the one before and we find ourselves still looking for her in the places she is always guaranteed to be found, bedtime story time, hair drying time, anywhere we are she will normally be there.  My shadow is missing, I do not feel lighter but heavier with the weight my heart is carrying. It puts everything again into perspective and we have a new found sense of what is important to us, our family and that includes the fur variety. We are waiting for the day our family feels complete again until then we are grateful to have been granted this amazing ability to love in the way we do and I am humbled that my children have inherited our gentle souls that enables us to see beyond animals as mere pets but more as the family members they are and deserve to be. We will be with Bumbles every step of her journey as she has been there for ours, hopefully we can provide some level of comfort for her as she has never failed to do with us. Bumbles we love you, come back home soon xxxxxxxx

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